India the shithole

India is a bloody mess. Its a disease- a disease of the mind. And I fear for the world.
Indians have a bloody inferiority complex like no other. They want to be liked. They want to be acknowledged, only they just aren’t capable of doing something to warrant it. Go to youtube and you’ll find a plethora of Indians asking what so and so thinks of us. Its laughable how such complex exists in everyone from a 14 year old girl to a 60 year old man. No other people-of religion, or state or nation are this desperate. I really don’t know why this is but its so very obvious.
And more than the inferiority complex is another riding emotion: Hate. The Indian lives to hate, breathes to hate. He is weary of everyone around him/her. He hates Pakistan, he hates Muslims, he hates the angrez(and all white people are angrez-british) with a passion, he hates blacks, everyone. Indians are sheeps and like sheeps they are reared from childhood to conform and hate.
Go to any online forum and the Indian one will be littered with fights and squables. Its, I think become part of the Indian gene now. A Mallu hates a Bihari, a Maharashtrian hates a Bengali and the Gujju(Jews, but much worse than jews of India) hate everyone. The sole existence it seems of an average Indian is to scam, cheat, lie and make money. There is hardly any artistic integrity, and no desire to seek the unknown. The Indian is all too happy in its system of ignoarance.
There’s a reason for this: Indians operate on a much lower intellectual wavelenght. Very very rare are those(perhaps 1%) who tend to yearn for something much higher. As Carl Sagan succintly put it in his great book Cosmos- Indians(and Chinese) are too obsessed with the society status quo to yearn for astronomy and art. The average Indian rote learns through life, mugging for major examinations(10th 12th grade) and like an obedient ant starts preparing for the entry to stable occupations like Engineering. You think those Indians littered in Silicon Valley are genuises? A very few may be but the majority are drones who knew they wanted to get a green card when they were in grade 5. The Indian studies to one day pack his/her bags and go to foreign shores. Those who get left behind rote in this system to get married and produce spawns who repeat the cycle. There is no inherent desire for exploration or discovery(now butthurt Indians would jump in..hey we invented zero, we invented this and that). Which leads me to…..
The butthurt Indian. An average Indian(I’d say 1.195 of the 2 billion) is hugely patriotic. For him India is bigger than nirvana. He thinks India is a gift to mankind and actually believes what the very very right wing(you think Fox news is bad, come here) media feeds him. And the media only feeds him one slogan: Incredible India, India shining. Like a blind musician swaying his head to a piano tune the Indian believes whats fed to him: There is nothing like India.
See, the aforementioned inferiority complex comes in here. The butthurt Indian needs validation. He cannot fathom the fact that they are ignored. Open any day’s Times of India(national daily) and you’d see a business article with the subtitle: Global Indian takeover. He thinks Modi is an international icon(His world yoga day event was ignored in all nations except India where all news channels showed pictures of white/black/asian folks who might have been doing it in small numbers doing yoga with the caption: India awakens the world). I tell you….sheesh, you think North Korea is bad? Come to Bombay(oops Mumbai) or Calcutta(oopsie Kolkatta).
Modi’s arrival in UK was given skant attention in the English press(especially compared to China’s Xinping’s state visit just days ago) and here in India everyone is going: Look, how much the world respects us. Modi buys the English, Modi this Modi that. My father goes: India will soon take over the world. Modi has arrived. Such is the mentality of the average butthurt ignorant highly patriotic Indian moron. He thinks India is poised to be a superpower when it clearly is not. Indians are obsessed with being thought of as a superpower. It dominates most dinner conversations in middle class diaspora. But given one chance and the same household will jump at a chance to get the hell out.
Indians immigrate in hordes. I have been the American and Canadian embassies and I have seen 2-3000 applicants daily. From one center(mumbai). Everyday they fly out never wanting to return. There are so many centers, and everyday they fly…fly fly fly. And once there they settle among themselves watching Bollywood movies. They also think Bollywood will one day take over Hollywood. They never fully integrate. I suppose I don’t have to explain this to you but I have seen things you cannot fathom.
The butthurt Indian brings with him(apart from his relatives and their dogs) a cynical, selfish attitude. They will make a lot of money but never use it for the goodwill of the community. I have done statistic surveys and Indians are misers to the core. They will spend everything on themselves but nothing for others. Charity is unheard of. Even the richest Indian living in Mumbai has built himself a billion dollar mansion surrounded by slums(Indians all over the world are proud; very proud). That is because for an Indian life is all about money and power and sex and society. It is all about pride and ego. They are binded by these emotions. There’s a word in hindi called “aukaat” and the Indian lives and dies on it. The poor Indian wishes to become middle class and the middle class wants to be rich. They live for what others think of them. Global warming worries..pfff.
Recently a couple was beaten and kicked out of a movie theater for refusing to stand for the national anthem. Oh,by the way the anthem plays before every movie, and every showing. You have to stand up(!!!!). I mean I don know…isn’t it a bit retarded, this concept of forcing someone to sing a song, might as well bring in the army and force them to sing it at gunpoint. Anyway so what happened to the couple? The butthurt Indian(1.195 b) wanted the couple skinned alive(It didn’t help that they were muslim). Though pansies that they are all they did was force the couple out of the theater.
This is the state of mind here. People are fucking sheeps. Uber sensitive patriotic morons who are slowly but surely filling every corner of the globe. Indians have opened up subways in the middle of nowhere Canada to form a coalition and then get into local politics. Then they invite the country(but only their types usually gujjus named patels). I have seen cities in Canada with no one but Indians. Go to a town called Brampton in Toronto. It is basically a slum, like Mumbai. I asked a few people there and many had never talked to a Canadian ever(!!!). One guy about 26 was joining the army and his father had given him strict warnings to not mingle much with whites and read a fucking religious book daily as a rule. I can give you a few hundred such examples. An Indian will very rarely ward off the treaden path. Its what has happened here for centuries. I sometimes wish that the country be divided. Like broken up into 26(or however many now) states and then see what happens. Because anyway everyone is segregated. By faith, by cult, by culture, by attitude.
The butthurt Indian wants to coast on the laurels(many of which are bogus) of its ancient past. The butthurt Indian feels like the world owes them an apology. And any Indian who that makes it big abroad(by use of the host nations education and design) Indian’s heart fills with pride and they make them their own. Despite not knowing anything about the said person otherwise.
Remember the astronaut Kalpana Chawla who blew up in the columbia shuttle? Well the night(here) the news was streaming live suddenly the entire village close to where she grew up kept a prayers vigil because she was their hero, despite never having known anything about her a day before. Satya Nadella becomes the google CEO and India erupts. They talk of his past, his strong roots, his 3.5 million mansion in San Fran(headline news today) and why India is the greatest creator of genuis minds.
This is everyday observation. The word India is probably used 10,000 times in a day. India this, India that, blah blah blah. The butthurt Indian is omnipresent everywhere now that internet has spread across the nation. They are present on cricket forums declaring how Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer ever and will resort to voilence if someone objects. They even manage to drag in Sachin’s name in topics that don’t include India, jealous that they aren’t being mentioned. When Maria Sharapova was asked about Tendulkar during an interview and she replied “I’ve never heard of this guy” these butthurt dumbfucks took to the streets. When way back in 2004 they somehow picked up on President Bush’s cat(or dog perhaps) named India the national media went into depression. Morons took to the street tying a poor donkey up and splashing paint across its body with the word U.S.A. I think they burnt the poor thing later. This is the fucking mentality that these billion worms inhabit. Needing an excuse to erupt like a volcano. Getting offended is a national pasttime.
The news are daily bragging shows on how India is great at everything it tries(seriously, look up on youtube, it isn’t much better than North korea) and daily bashing of Pakistan. Indians take all their frustrations out on our poor sod neighbours. They need an excuse to erupt at Pakistan(which isn’t helped by the even more moronic terrorists who sneak in from there to cause havoc every now and then). Indians hate pakistanis with a passion. Any gives day the national daily has its routine Pakistan bashing article. Then they move to Colonial bashing. And Mughal bashing.
My observations are such because I’ve just about had it and its sad to see how we are just populating like there’s no tomorrow. Most Indians feel proud that 1 in 6 person on earth is now an Indian(true!!!) and that soon they will take over. Not by might or an ideal but by scamming and cheating. Its already happening anywhere you look-islands of New Zealand, England, Canada, Uganda. Probabaly Antarctica remains untouched and that’s because most Indians couldn’t care less about geography. They arrive by the boatloads everywhere else. Global Indian takeover indeed!
Another facet of an average Indian is hypocrisy. Whilst I feel Humans by nature are hypocrites, Indians take it to unattainable hieghts.
The hypocritical Indian. Umm..where the fuck do I even start? Apart from “minor” rituals like will not eat Non vegetarian food on Tuesdays but will happily munch on a mutton leg every other day of the week to the more depressing take on sex. Indians are sex freaks. Men that is. Indian women are repressed sexually. I often wonder how women go about their daily lives here. Heck, If there’s one thing where any Indian deserves an award its for these women for having the will to live in this rape infested hellhole. And I am not even talking about the poor and destute. Indian men stare at any feminine form. They stare embaressingly as I’ve witnessed everytime without fail. They are sex starved.
Bollywood: their eternal saviour only teases them. See, because and this is just an example: you cannot show a pair of female breasts onscreen, but a woman gyrating naked on a pole surrounded by salivating men, as is the case in every item number song in EVERY Bollywood movie, is perfectly normal. Women are used and abused. They are nothing more than toys and mannequins. And Indian women are dumb enough to play along. Just look at good ole Bollywood.
Heck. this country has a censor board wherein 6 elderly dinosaurs sit and cut films. They cut every Hollywood movie(even tame kissing scenes) because it is morally wrong to them! Can you imagine….a nation of 1.2 billion being told what they should be and should not be seeing by a bunch of old farts. And people live with it. People just live with superstition, conditioning, hypocracy, greed and die with it. It engulfs the Indian-these factors. India is a cesspool of filth. You object or deny and you are spit upon.
The system is so corrupt and the people so incredibly dumb that they’re still using many systems made up by the british which the british themselves have discarded. There is NO CREATIVITY, NO PASSION. No desire to chart the Atlantic or study the Tiger and its habitat(though credit where its due the government has done its bit for the tigers).
Indians are hero worshippers. They need heroes to idolize. They need Gods to put the blame on things. Bollywood actors are one step below Gods. The hero worshipping Indian suddenly transforms into a salivating bulldog in presence of an important person. No other nation would you see this. Yes, heroes are everywhere but there’s a certain way-a pride of presenting oneself that an individual has. Not fawning and frawning like Indians do. There’s no decorum nor is there a sense of individuality and pride of oneself. The Indian lives in the system. So weak is his trust on his own individuality that he seeks shelter in groups and thus you have the patriotic jackass. India is a tribalist society. Indians are damaged goods.
If Indians were an animal on the african savannah they’d undoubtedly be hyenas or perhaps hyena shit maggot. At a time when I just got to know David Bowie has passed away I wondered if a soul like him could ever be born in this hellhole. But I know for a fact that if the west keeps taking Indians in like it is now there would come a time when no Bowie would be born anywhere.
I can carry on and on and on. Examples I see daily. I can write endless notes but I think you get the picture. I’d love it if you post this as an article on your blog but I won’t mind if you don’t. I am an unfortunate cog stuck in this machinery wanting to escape.

India the shithole

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